Welcome to Arizona Custom Blends Contract Manufacturing! We are a contract manufacturer specializing in powders and capsules with a wide variety of packaging options.


  • Exceeding Expectations – its our mission

  • Right product on time

  • Proactive Communication

  • Exceptional Quality

  • New Factory with excess capacity


Arizona Custom Blends is ready to take your ambitious concept from the idea board to the productions line. Our state of the art facility and personalized automation production process is going to bring your project home to your shelves, catalog, or online store!


We provide a variety of packaging options.

For bulk project, we fill totes, drums and 50-pounds heat-sealed bags.

For consumer products, we fill canisters, large gusseted bags, and sachets


Taking care of us. Making sure we take care of you

Having come from the healthcare services industry, Arizona Custom Blend’s CEO is a stickler for ensuring quality standards are in place and followed to ensure safe and accurate orders are produced each time.

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We want to learn about you, your goals, your products, and your timelines. We are flexible in how we meet the demands of our customers from large multi-nationals to the entrepreneur with a vision.
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To work creatively and efficiently to exceed our client’s expectations on every order as evidenced by exceptional communication, outstanding quality and timely delivery at a reasonable price.ns.

To serve as an indispensable strategic advisor to our clients; proactively anticipating and meeting all their manufacturing needs.

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